Your 5-a-Day

Mindapples is a project looking for support – and its one that you might find fantastically useful.

Andy Gibson, whose brainchild this is, decided that if 5-a-day could help keep us physically healthy, then its logical to assume a different 5-a-day would help with mental health.  Its like going to the gym but for your mind. (Actually, going to the gym is good for your mind. Exercise is definitely one of those things that’s a ‘must’ on the list).

Andy is trying to get 1000 responses to the short survey and he’s almost there. Worth adding your 5-a-day to the list.


Picture credit: Berkley Breathed

One thought on “Your 5-a-Day

  1. Thanks Vandy! Yep, we’re building up a really interesting list of responses and we’ve actually got over 600 now – thanks to nice people like you blogging about us. If you take the test at you can read the responses we’ve had so far.

    So what are your five then?

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