Writing an Artist’s Statement

Watercolour detail - letting go.
Watercolour detail – letting go.

As one of the steps towards updating my website, I’ve been working on my artist’s statement. Somehow, writing about myself feels quite difficult. I’ve soldiered on, worked my way through it, and in the course of getting my thoughts into a readable form, it struck me that the process is a bit like painting in watercolours:

The more we strive to control, the harder it becomes. It’s only when we simply let go and loosen up, that we start to move towards mastery. So too with writing my artist’s statement. It was only when I stopped stressing about how uncomfortable it felt that I could get some thoughts on paper in a coherent form. I’m sure it will continue to evolve, but for now my artist’s statment feels about right.

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5 thoughts on “Writing an Artist’s Statement

  1. I know exactly what you mean – it feels so un-natural to write about yourself doesn’t it? Especially all the positive things, when we Artists are often insecure about our work, lol!
    But – I’ve just read yours and I think it’s fabulous! I especially love the photo of your huge smile!
    Mine is much shorter. If you want to be nosy, you can read it at the very bottom of the ‘About Me’ page on my blog. (www.sketch-mad.com) I looked at other peoples to help me write mine :0)

    1. I know exactly what you mean about looking at other people’s statements. It’s a real help being able to see how other artists have expressed themselves. Thank you for your kind comments about mine. At least it’s got a point where I can let it rest for a while before it progresses – as I am sure it will. 🙂

    1. Thanks Lorraine. The day job definitely requires a different type of thinking. I’ve always thought of the two as balancing each other.

  2. Dear Vandy – I think your artist’s statement reads wonderful. I too work with numbers all day and find that art is such a welcome relief from all that numerical calculations. Your watercolors are lovely and I am so glad to get to know you and enjoy your art.

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