With a little help

Impazzito di luce (watercolour 38 x 48 cm)
Impazzito di luce (watercolour 38 x 48 cm)

Sometimes the inspiration for a painting title just doesn’t come easily.  This one was finished yesterday and I just couldn’t come up with a title that clicked. I put out the word on Facebook and got a wonderful list of suggestions. The one that appealed was Impazzito di luce (thank you, Karin). Crazed with Light seemed like a lovely way of expressing the energy in this painting.

I’ve got a stock of potential titles now so more sunflowers will need to be painted.

Over the past year I’ve come to really appreciate the community of artists I’ve met on Facebook, Twitter and through my blog.  Painting and putting your work out for everyone to see takes a leap of courage. Well, it certainly did for me – and often still does. The support and encouragement from others is such an important factor.

I don’t see art as a zero sum game. If someone buys a painting from you, it’s because they loved that painting. It doesn’t take away a sale from someone else. What it does do, is encourage more people to buy original art. The more people who think of buying original art, either directly from the artist or through a gallery, the better it is for all artists.

The past few years have been tough for artists. Economic conditions are not providing people with much disposable income and everyone is conserving cash. In my view, that makes it all the more important for artists to support and motivate each other to keep going.

Thank you to all those who have given me words of encouragement since I started painting. You’ve seen me through some of my wobbly moments.

Now that I’ve got my blogging routine back on track, I’ve decided to pick up on my Meet the Creatives series. I’ll be blogging about other artists from time to time now (I’ll aim for one a week, but forgive me if I don’t make it). I’m changing the format slightly to an interview with pictures so you can read the artists’ own words. I really enjoyed Maggie Latham‘s series of interviews in her 31 Days of Colour.

So this is a call for artists who would like to be featured as one of my Creatives. Please drop me an email if you’d like your blog to be featured. You’ll need to let me have answers to the interview questions, which I will return to you by email, and also send me a few photos of your work with permission to post them on my blog and my Facebook page (with full credit, of course).

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  1. Thank you, Lorraine. I’m really enjoying working with textures in watercolour. It brings an exciting energy to the paintings.

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