Wisteria Watercolour and a Creative Block Solution

Wisteria Watercolour
Wisteria Against the Garden Wall

I’ve been taking photographs of my garden as the spring blossoms appear and it was playing in the back of my mind that I should paint a wisteria watercolour.

But, I’ve not painted for almost three weeks because of holding open studios. I don’t like to be in the process of painting when I have people visit the studio.  There’s always the problem of being in mid-flow and needing to stop and talk to visitors. I’m really happy for people to come and see my work space, including works that may be in progress, but I find it too difficult to get into the flow of things and so painting isn’t an option for me.

Wisteria watercolour and releasing the creative block

I do find that if I’ve not painted for a while, I need to do something to loosen up before I get started. This can be a problem because I get stuck on what to paint to get me going. I’ve got a list of subjects I want to paint some time in the future, but these inevitable require some preparation – research and reference photographs at a minimum. That’s not a loosening up process – in fact it’s almost the opposite.

So I started with some music I’d been listening to in the morning, and decided to use this loosening up as a exercise in painting a picture with only one brush.

The music was Freshly Ground (great studio music). The brush was a size 12 sable filbert which holds ample water, and has a nice sharp edge. And I chose the subject by simply looking out of my studio window and painting what I could see. Somehow the block disappeared quite easily as I painted my wisteria watercolour.

I love wisteria. The scent is wonderful – although sadly, very short lived. The blossoms are a wonderful colour, and drape elegantly along the wall as they intertwine with other creepers. These flowers evoke early summer so strongly for me. They represent lazy weekend afternoons in the garden and the promise of months of sunshine and warm weather.


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  1. I wish I could warm up as well as you with this one Vandy. Stunning work. A very enjoyable read hearing the creative process.

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