Winter Flowers: Bell Snowdrop watercolour

Bell Snowdrop watercolour (watercolour 10 x 15 cm)
Bell Snowdrops (watercolour 10 x 15 cm)

Every January I have good intentions about painting a snowdrop watercolour. They are almost the most exciting flowers of all because they arrive just when we think summer will never come again, and they remind us that beauty in the garden is coming soon. In fact they are the first beauties of the season. This evening I decided to play with getting a fairly strong texture into the painting I was finally doing (of snowdrops). Day 23 of the 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge in upon us (in my case, ‘was upon us’) and this is my submission. I rather like these bigger, slightly more decorated bell snowdrops. They ┬áremind me of little ballerina skirts twirling on the ends of their stems.

Snowdrop Watercolour: One of a range winter flowers painted for Running With Brushes:

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