What’s your defining word?

Pushing personal boundaries - again
Pushing personal boundaries – again

About a year ago, Donna Zagotta challenged her readers to describe their life as an artist in only six words. The picture on this post was my response.

I realise that a year on, this is still true.

If you’ve not organised your own exhibition before, it can be a daunting prospect. I’ve managed events for charity and business before so I do know how much work is involved. Somehow, in between events, I always manage to forget. No change this time either.

We’re now one day away from our preview evening and the last minute list of things to be done seems a bit overwhelming. I have meant to write a series of posts about staging an exhibition, but time has eluded me and they haven’t been done. Perhaps that was a bit too ambitious for now. I will write them, but I suspect a retrospective ‘how to’ series may be more useful.

In the meantime, I challenge all my readers to select one word (only one!) that describes what art means to you in 2013. (There may be a new word next year).


My word is ‘Stretch’.

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9 thoughts on “What’s your defining word?

  1. My word is “competitions”. I’ve been painting for 30+ years, and want to paint paintings for ME, not for what I think will sell. I’m anxious to see what I choose to submit to competitions, for that’s the only way I paint what I really and truly want to paint. Hopefully, there’s still a market for them at the end of the journey. The hard part will be keeping these paintings set aside (while waiting on acceptance/rejection letters) instead of immediately hanging them in my galleries.

    1. Good luck with the competitions, Helen. The rejects are always a little disappointing, but I remind myself that some are inevitable. I’m sure there will be many acceptance letters.

  2. “Creativity” – I probably cheated with this word as it is all encompassing and so apt on lots of levels: learning, ideas, application, selling, etc. It just says it all.

    Best of Luck with the event Vandy. Remember to enjoy it too.

    1. Great word, Laura. It is all encompassing, but I think that probably does really describe your approach to art. You are constantly learning new things.

    1. Thank you, Jane. I am looking forward to it and hoping it will be just the first of many.

  3. My word Vandy is “practice” – just doing it day in and day out will certainly help me improve and you always keep me inspired…good luck with your exhibition. Have a great week-end.

    1. Another excellent word, Deborah. One I keep reminding myself I should do. Thank you for the good wishes.

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