What a difference a frame makes

I am always absolutely amazed at the difference a good frame makes to a painting – it’s transformational. This weekend I got three paintings back from framing in preparation for submission for an exhibition.

Here are the three before and afters:

Four Seasons

Sweet peas (one which almost went in the bin)


Bushveld Reflections

As usual Denise Shearing has worked her magic and all three paintings have come alive. I love getting my paintings framed. After seeing them around the studio for months on end, they tend to blend into the background. Once they are framed I start enjoying them all over again – each one has a more developed personality and they seem to have an increased depth in their new homes.

5 thoughts on “What a difference a frame makes

  1. Thank you Vandy so much, I really apprectiate that, but of course they always start with a wonderful inspirational watercolour! xx

  2. Vandy, these really do look fantastic framed up like this. I think sometimes we get caught up in the act of creating and at the end can’t “see” the finished piece any more….until it is mounted an framed, that is.

  3. These are all beautiful and delicate watercolours, Vandy. I really must get around to framing some of mine in the near future! It’s nice to know that Cambridgeshire does have other artists – I rarely meet any, even online 🙂

  4. Thank you, Michael. I’m afraid I have sorely neglected my blog for a while now. I must get back to it soon.

    There’s a very nice group of local painters (East of England rather than Cambs) who chat on Facebook. If you’re a Facebook user I can introduce you. We’re hoping to all get together for lunch soon. Very nice to meet you and I look forward to seeing some of your paintings when they’re framed.

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