Wetlands (watercolour sketch)
Wetlands (watercolour sketch)

Yesterday’s trees in three colours became a little vignette of a swampland.  I’ve been debating with myself about whether the colours on the right of the painting have gone a bit sludgy. But given the subject matter, I think that may be appropriate. I wanted to capture the mistiness of the humid environment.

I’m still working on commissions after my exhibition – last one is on the easel at the moment and then I need to work on upcoming exhibitions. But to make sure my work stays fresh and keeps developing, I’m working on small studies in between.  The learning in these little sketches is immensely valuable.

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5 thoughts on “Wetlands

  1. Looking good to me Vandy. They are not muddy. They are neutrals which help the depth and interest perhaps. It’s lovely to see how you use sketches to learn and loosen up. Good Luck with all the commissions and Exhibitions.

  2. Vandy – this looks pretty good to me. Do you use a credit card to make the limbs on your trees and wipe out as well? I have seen that technique used before. Your trees always look lovely and thought maybe you did to get that wonderful appearance. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I generally only use a credit card for big dramatic lines (like in the shoe paintings). The trees on this are painted with white gouache using a rigger.

      Thank you for your kind compliment on my trees. I’ve always loved trees so perhaps that permeates my painting of them.

  3. Beautiful and loose and with a great depth to it . I really like all the layers of color creating the feeling of thick vegetation !

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