Watercolour Reflections: Translucence and Flow

Bushveld watercolour reflections
Bushveld Reflections

Bushveld: watercolour reflections in three colours is one of my recent paintings.

When I first tried my hand at painting, my tutor, Mark said he thought my forté would be big bright abstracts in oils. I’ve not tried oils yet – that’s on my list for some time in the future.  I spent a lot of time trying to paint precise representations of what I saw in front of me. I didn’t really have a particular style – still don’t really.

But something is beginning to emerge and its proving Mark’s point to some degree – they are bright and they are verging on the abstract – the difference is that they’re just modest in size and they’re watercolours. I’m finding that the more I do these, the more I like them. I love the atmosphere they create for me – this first one makes me think of Africa.

Then there’s a touch of Scotland in the next one:

Morning Stillness

And I see a summer sunset in France in the last one:

Molten Gold

Extreme landscapes are clearly my thing at the moment.

Update on Watercolour Reflections (May 2014)

I’m revisiting my old blog posts to update them. It’s interesting to see how my work has changed over the years.  All of these paintings are now in new homes. Bushveld reflections and Morning Stillness were sold as you see them in this blog. Molten Gold was cropped and became two paintings which went together as a pair to their new owners.

Watercolour is a wonderful medium for painting landscapes – and particularly for ones that feature water.  As they do in two of the paintings in this post, watercolour reflections benefit from the translucence and flow of the medium.

One thing has remained constant in the past few years:  my love of big, bright landscapes.


2 thoughts on “Watercolour Reflections: Translucence and Flow

  1. Wow, love the purple one. I would never have expected that to work! Adds a whole new meaning to mono-chrome.

  2. Thanks Noel,

    I’m kinda toying with the idea of having a greeting card made from that image – has enough impact to be effective I think.
    I wasn’t sure how it would work but I’ve decided I really like working in monochrome. Will do more, I think.

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