Watercolour landscape: Verdant Peaks

Watercolour Landscape: Verdant Peak (watercolour 15 x 10 cm)
Verdant Peak (watercolour 15 x 10 cm)

This morning a photographer was standing in my studio taking photographs while I painted the first brushstrokes of a watercolour landscape for Running With Brushes.

I’m not accustomed to painting while someone watches. It’s possibly one of the things that puts me off plein air painting (just one, mind you. There are more). But this morning we needed some photographs for an article about Running With Brushes for the Cambridge News. So I laid down a quick wash using a brighter blue than I normally would for a sky, and some green gold. I chose those colours because they would have impact and visibility for camera.

This evening I went back and completed the landscape which, led by the colours I started with, turned into a lush rainforest filled gorge at the foot of a mountain range.  Now I’m really just itching to see the article when it comes off the presses.

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6 thoughts on “Watercolour landscape: Verdant Peaks

    1. This would be the ideal spot for painting. This is what the view looks like looking over towards the mountains in Sugar Loaf! You would love it here!

  1. Vandy – this is stunning…the colors really make this an outstanding piece. I know I have painted while someone has watched…very uncomfortable for me. In this case the pressure must not have mattered because this is so pretty. Take care and have a delightful week-end. (Very cold here in my part of the world – what about yours?)

    1. It’s been quite a mild winter so far, but the icy weather kicked in a week or so ago. Still no snow though, Debbie – we may not have any this year.

      Thank you for you kind comment about the painting. Glad you like it. I thought the colours were a bit intense, but they are lifted a little by the mistiness as the trees enter the gorge, and by the patches of white in the sky.

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