The Power of Vulnerability

No wonder Brené Brown’s TEDx talk about vulnerability is so popular. It’s a fantastically powerful talk, about an important and misunderstood subject.

Organising a TEDx event can become all-consuming. I’ve been immersed in the process for our first TEDxGranta event due to take place in December. Some days it feels a little overwhelming and I have found myself wondering why I jumped in the deep end on this project. But the up-side is that I’ve watched a lot more TED talks in the process.

And just when I was having one of those ‘why did I think this was a good idea?’ moments, I found Brené Brown’s entertaining talk about vulnerability.  She talks about the benefits of taking emotional risks, and the down-sides of constantly avoiding them.

Vulnerability is OK

Over the past few years I’ve had times when I’ve heard bad news about friends who are having health scares. In some instances, everything pans out and life goes back to normal. But in some very sad cases, there is a real long term, sometimes terminal, illness. It’s at that point that the people involved invariably start to focus on time with the people they love, and time doing things they love, or things they want to do in the limited time they have left.

None of us knows when we might be on the receiving end of this sort of bad news – or how close to home the impact will be.  We spend so much time chasing our tails just keeping up with our fast paced life, and in the process, being ‘strong’, that we lose sight of the important things in life in the process.

This talk is a great highlighter of the price of trying to be invulnerable. A useful reminder that when we live a risk-free life, it’s likely to be a less joyful existence as well. Invulnerability is really an illusion. And a bit of vulnerability is OK at times.

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  1. Incredible talk, it’s all so true, I sat here saying, “yes, I do that” to so much of what she said. It really makes you think about how you live your life day to day.

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