7 thoughts on “Trees in three colours

  1. Things like this…the three colours , one tends to forget. I’ve just begun following you and am enjoying your painting. What were the colours you used. Have a good day….night I should say as you are going into the night. Day.light saving has ended this morning here and we should have had that extra hour in bed but the dogs woke at their same time so we are up. Mrs A

    1. Sorry you missed your extra hour – sleep seems such a precious commodity when we miss out on some of it.
      The colours in this painting were quinacridone gold, prussian blue and permanent alizarin crimson. I’ve just converted to the Daniel Smith permanent alizarin which has a good colour fast rating.

      1. I’ve just begun using Daniel Smith too, the colours are beautiful…a little seems to go a long way. I have the lovely gold and the alizarin but not the Prussian, have other blues. Thankyou for sharing, Mrs A

  2. This is a great little exercise Vandy. Three of my favourite colours. Who says we need greens in our palettes when you can achieve this lovely array of green shades!!! 🙂

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