The tables turned: interviewed by Helen K Beacham

A few weeks ago I posted an interview with American artist, Helen K Beacham as part of my Meet the Artist series.

Helen then neatly turned the tables on me by sending me a list of questions for a return interview on her blog. I found it fascinating to see her questions, which had a different angle to the ones I have in my interviews. They’re really great questions about my inspiration, my watercolour painting, and my work. I also realised how much thinking you need to do to write a good answer that gives reader a real insight into the artist, their ideas and their painting. I am grateful to all the artists on my interview list for the time and effort they have put into their responses for my blog.

Helen’s interview of me can be read here on her blog. (Thank you, Helen)

Trees in Japan (watercolour 380 x 480)
Trees in Japan (watercolour 380 x 480)

(Trees in Japan was one of the paintings featured in Helen’s interview with me)

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    1. Hello Lorraine. How nice to meet you, and to have the chance to look at your blog too. I love the way the internet connects people who would otherwise never have the chance to know about each other.

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