The devil’s in the detail

A lot of what makes painting enjoyable for me is the problem solving element. So, when I thought, ‘How would I paint that atmosphere when you can see rain on the horizon and feel it’s approach?’ – I had to give it a go.  I chose to give it a sense of scale to increase the impression of the power stored within those storm clouds. The land is a minor detail in this painting – it’s all about the rain.  This was where the painting paused, for quite a long time. It sat in my studio for months while I contemplated it. There was something not quite there, but I wasn’t prepared to discard it completely.

Storm in the Air (unfinished watercolour)
Storm in the Air (unfinished watercolour)

And then I got it. There wasn’t enough detail in the clouds. They were just a heavy mass with no character. So I went back in and reworked the detail in the cloud.  Getting the detail just the way I wanted it was fairly challenging – but I’m now happy with the final result. This painting certainly grabbed attention at my exhibition. It became a talking point on the evening.

Storm in the Air (watercolour 48 x 38 cm)
Storm in the Air (watercolour 48 x 38 cm)

Getting the detail right really does matter.

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7 thoughts on “The devil’s in the detail

  1. Vandy – this is beautiful. You prove it is never too late to finish a painting…sometimes leaving something sitting helps one find a way to resolve it.

  2. Lovely work. I’m about to move to a cottage in the country which faces SW, I’m told that you can sit and watch the weather approaching across the field. I can’t wait to paint it, but as weather/landscapes are not what I usually paint I’m excited and nervous all at once! Thank you for sharing this -I’ll be looking at the clouds 😉

    1. Sounds as if you’re going to be in an amazing place for painting. Good luck and enjoy watching the weather rolling in. Do let me know how you get on with your landscapes. I love painting them and I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it very quickly.

      1. Thanks for the support – if I get the hang of it I’ll be singing from the rooftops! 😀

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