Team Lenk

Abstracting the Landscape (watercolour 28 x 38 cm)
Purple Hills (watercolour 28 x 38 cm)

Earlier this year, I met Suzie Rice. She mentioned a family in her area who were having a really tough time. Their 14 year son had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Since February, Tristan has received 7 courses of chemotherapy, 18 blood transfusions and more. Needless to say, his family are all pulling together and supporting him so, as in many cases, Tristan’s illness has an impact on others around him.

Suzie told me that despite all this hardship, Tristan has spent his spare time raising funds for cancer research and has managed to raise over £3000 so far. Go Tristan!

If that’s not inspiring enough, the local community has come together to fundraise for Tristan and his family. They think that after 109 days in hospital, and the incredible energy Tristan has put into fund raising, he and the family deserve a treat. Team Lenk has been formed with the purpose of raising enough money to send the family on a holiday. They’re holding an auction of promises evening on Saturday 9th November as their first event. Bidding is open on their website for the auction and the list of auction lots can be viewed here

Although I won’t be able to be at the auction, I’ve donated a painting to their raffle. I offered Suzie a choice of three paintings and she selected Purple Hills. I’m very pleased to be able to support Team Lenk in this small way.  It’s wonderful when a community comes together to support a cause that’s close to their hearts. And even more so, when the focus of their fundraising are so inspiring.

I’m sure the Lenk holiday initiative will be successful and that the family will be able to enjoy a wonderful much-deserved time together as a result of Team Lenk’s efforts.

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  1. So nice of you to support the family this way. It struck a nerve because this is what took the life of my younger brother when he was just 45 with two young children.

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