Taking risks

watercolour painting. The last tree?
Fly Away Tree (watercolour 29 x 39 cm)


Sometimes it feels right to push a few boundaries with my paintings. I’ve been working on a pair of paintings for the last few weeks which are almost ready to write about. They’re rather different from my usual work and I know that some people just won’t get the concept.

But that’s OK, because it’s taking my work in a different direction which keeps my brain active, and stretches me as an artist. This painting was done a couple of years ago, and at the time, it was pushing boundaries for me. Quite often, the common thread in the paintings that go to new places, is the fact that they are expressing an idea, often quite intangible.

The Flyaway Tree painting emerged when I started thinking about what the last tree on earth would look like.

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5 thoughts on “Taking risks

    1. That’s such a good question, Jean. I think it could work in a different palette, but given the elemental aspect of this painting, I quite like the primaries so I probably would.

  1. I really like this – the varied textures and explosions of color – and the single tree with the forested area there, too (so maybe not the very last but one of the last in the forest?). Lovely, lyrical and simply beautiful – whether I know your thinking behind the painting or not, if it’s beautiful and interesting to me, I like it 🙂 Sometimes we feel we need to explain but I think you’ve let your brush do the talking with this one.

  2. Dear Vandy – this is simply beautiful. Love the thought behind it as well. Looks like you might have used salt in the background too. The colors are really vibrant as well.

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