Advent Artist Day 21

Fir (watercolour 4 x 6 inches). Artist: Vandy Massey
Fir (watercolour 4 x 6 inches)

One of my favourite aspects of watercolour is the way the paint creates wonderful surprises. I think this is probably one of the greatest thrills of working in watercolour for most artists. This little fir tree is a perfect example – painted with only two colours. The first layer of paint in Daniel Smith Green Gold was applied reasonably dry so that the dry brushstrokes created the branch structure. Then a second layer of paint (Pthalo Turquoise – also Daniel Smith) was applied again using dry brushstroke. The final step was the risk and the thrill. Spraying water from a reasonable height softened the turquoise and filled out the tree. This is today’s Advent give away.

Advent Artists Day 19:

David Poxon is my advent artist for today. I first encountered David’s work at the Royal Watercolour Society’s annual exhibition at The Mall Galleries a couple of years ago. David’s painting of a barn door caught my attention and I started following his extraordinary work. David paints machinery and parts of buildings which have been abandoned by people and are showing a degree of decay. His realism is amazing and his paintings so evocative that I sometimes think I can smell the rust or the rotting wood.

Recently, David built a studio in which he will run a series of workshops starting next year. For more information about David’s workshops, you can drop him an email.

Advent Artist Day 20

Christmas Flower (watercolour 4 x 6 inches). Artist: Vandy Massey
Christmas Flower (watercolour 4 x 6 inches).

Hellebores (Christmas Rose) are found across Europe. One of the legends around them says that it emerged in the snow from the tears of a young girl who had no gift to give the baby Jesus in Bethlehem – hence their common name. This is today’s advent give away.

Advent Artist Day 20

Today’s Advent Artist is Val. My first forays into painting were a result of Val’s inspiration and enthusiasm. She only started painting quite late in life. Val loved her painting, joined in with other artists in the area, and created beautiful delicate watercolours.

Val’s funeral is today and I want to remember her joyfully for her lovely work as well as for her laughter and her go-ahead attitude. This is an opportunity to celebrate her love of art and in particular, painting.

Advent Artist Day 19

Every Family Has One (watercolour 6 x 4 inches). Artist: Vandy Massey
Every Family Has One (watercolour 6 x 4 inches)

Today’s Advent give away was another one that made me smile. This feels like one of those moment in every family when someone decides to have a little fun at the expense of a sibling.

Advent Artist Day 19

Cristina Dalla Valentina paints delicate, luminous watercolours of woodlands and plants. Her paintings have an ethereal quality that invites the viewer to explore her fantasy world. Cristina also has a Facebook page you could follow.

Advent Artist Day 18

Pear Tree (watercolour 4 x 6 inch) Artist: Vandy Massey
Pear Tree (watercolour 4 x 6 inch)

I’m starting to find it challenging to find mew ideas for paintings – and I have seven more days to go. As these paintings are all being given away I’m looking for subjects that aren’t so Christmassy that they couldn’t be enjoyed all year round.  This was a suggestion from Helen when we were discussing the give away series on Sunday. I decided to have a bit of fun with it.

Advent Artist Day 18:

My Advent Artist today is Wendy Griffin. I met Wendy through a photo diary website where I was posting photographs of my paintings. I’ve got to see more of her work as she’s developed her Facebook page and it is extraordinary. Wendy is based in Guernsey so her seascapes are wonderful and evocative.

Advent Artist Day 17

Cardinals' Sin (watercolour 6 x 4 inch)  Artist: Vandy Massey
Cardinals’ Sin (watercolour 6 x 4 inch)

This one is a bit of fun. I saw a picture of choir boys ice skating and my initial thought was that their cassocks made wonderful shapes as they moved. You can almost see the speed of the air blowing through them as they skate. Then, for some reason, the image of a bunch of cardinals skating popped into my head. Made me laugh – and had to be painted. This is today’s Advent give away.

Advent Artist Day 17:

Another photographer today: Lukas Renlund. I love his Steal my Photograph project. It’s kinda like the advent give away – but a lot more hard work by the look of it. Check it out – and have a look at his Facebook page while you’re at it.

Advent Artist Day 16

Handbells (watercolour 6 x 4 inches). Artist: Vandy Massey
Handbells (watercolour 6 x 4 inches)

I’ve always loved the sound of church bells and handbells. Handbells in particular, when well played, have a clarity about their sound. I tried to capture that element in the clear colours of this painting – today’s Advent give away.

Advent Artist Day 16

Leslie Saeta is today’s advent artists. Leslie is a powerhouse. She paints every day, runs workshops and coaches other artists to help them increase their sales. I joined in Leslie’s 30 Paintings In 30 Days challenge in September which resulted in a lovely big stock pile for Running with Brushes. She’s running another 30 day challenge in January and I’ve signed up for that one – with the same outlet for the paintings in mind. Leslie paints in oils and uses only a palette knife. One day I really want to try that technique. In the meantime I’ll just admire Leslie’s work. She can be found on Facebook too.

Advent Artist Day 15


Stars and Snowflakes (watercolour and ink 6 x 4 inches). Artist: Vandy Massey
Stars and Snowflakes (watercolour and ink 6 x 4 inches)

Today’s Advent Give away is a play on frosty fractals with this little abstract of ice crystals and stars.


Advent Artist Day 15

Today I’m highlighting the website of Sea Dean where there’s a Christmas Art Party going on. It’s worth having a look if you want to share your work with other artists, and discover some fabulous new artists over the next couple of weeks.  Her Facebook page is worth a visit too.

Advent Artist Day 14

Look Up (watercolour 6 x 4 inches). Artist: Vandy Massey
Look Up (watercolour 6 x 4 inches)

I enjoy looking at life from different perspectives. It struck when I was thinking about mistletoe that ideally, we’d quite like to be seeing a bunch of mistletoe from the bottom (as long as the right person is nearby). Today’s little Advent give away is called Look Up.

Advent Artist Day 14

I’ve chosedn Emma Sadler Photography as my artist for today. Emma specialises in high definition close up botanical photographs. Her images are astonishing and very beautiful. Have a look at her gallery for a real treat. She can also be followed on her Facebook Page

Advent Artist Day 13

Winter Grasses (watercolour 4 x 6 inch). Artist: Vandy Massey
Winter Grasses (watercolour 4 x 6 inch)

The winter grasses along the edges of the pathways are so graceful at this time of year. Lack of any other foliage makes their delicate heads stand out. The tall dramatic fronds of Miscanthus grasses wave like flags in the slightest breeze, or hand gracefully from their tall stalks.  They stand are all along the edges of the pathway that runs along the edge of the fields behind our house, like a fringe obscuring the view. This is my Advent Day 13 Give away painting.

Advent Artist Day 13

Cambridgde Artist, Sue Rapley works in multiple media creating works of art inspired by nature and the sea. Sue’s work can also be seen on her Facebook Page.

Advent Artist Day 12

Winter Hedgerow (watercolour 6 x 4 inch). Artist: Vandy Massey
Winter Hedgerow (watercolour 6 x 4 inch)

Today we went for a walk across to the next village before I got into my studio. It was great to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the scenery. It inspired me to paint this little winter landscape for today’s December give away painting.

Advent Artist for Day 12

I came across the artwork of Jimmy Brunt a couple of weeks ago via the marvellous Bils & Rye. Jimmy’s papercut artwork is astounding in it’s detail and precision. Jimmy’s work can be seen on his Facebook page too .