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Affinity Trellis Scarf - free pattern download
Affinity Trellis Scarf

I’ve always enjoyed the creative process. I think it’s the combination of the problem solving, and the pleasure of seeing something new appear. If you add the fact that (hopefully) people are enjoying looking at or using the item you’ve created, what’s not to love about creativity?   These days, the word creativity has come to have a business context as well. Although I think the principles remain the same, the process may be a little different.

A couple of years ago I created a knitting pattern for a spring weight scarf made from a cotton-based yarn. I put a link to it up on Ravelry – the knitters version of Facebook and it’s been downloaded over 400 times since then – and I’ve been thrilled at how much knitters have liked it. I’ve just moved the pdf of the pattern to the downloads page on this website and added it to the e-card images I put up last Christmas.

At the same time, I’ve set up a new charity donations page for Care for Casualties – the fundraising charity for the Rifles Regiment. This charity is dear to my heart as Nicholas has just joined Rifles and I know just how dedicated the men and women in the UK Military are.  I’ll be developing the e-card downloads on the page and will post whenever I add something new.  All of the downloads are free and only a voluntary donation is asked for my charity page if you’ve enjoyed the knitting pattern or the card images.

In the meantime, I’d be very grateful if you would pass this on to any of the knitters in your life who may want to download the pattern for a quick knit spring scarf.

There will be some non-Christmas e-cards loaded soon too.  I hope some of you will join me in supporting those who risk their lives to defend our freedom.