Five by Five: Fathers and sons

The obligatory paint brush sketch
The obligatory paint brush sketch

My friend Karin Panaino Petersen posted a challenge of Facebook yesterday: State five things you are grateful for.

I’ve decided to tweak that slightly. For the next five days I am going to try to post about five things that make me smile, and if I can manage it, do a quick sketch of one of the five to post. This may be setting the bar a bit high, given my time constraints. But since 4 of these days are holidays here, I’m hopeful that I can make it work (if I paint the fifth ahead of time).

Here we go – in no particular order:

– Fathers. Sometimes, we don’t really focus on our parents as much as we should. They’re quietly there in the background, and if they’re not particularly high maintenance, life just trundles along. Today my Dad stepped into the breach for my sister in the most amazing way. He was my hero today, and it reminded me how many times he’s just quietly been there for all of us.

– Sons. Both of my sons made me smile today. Christopher sent messages from Vietnam where he’s on holiday. Lovely to know he’s having a great time. And Nic is coming home for the weekend.  Yes!

– Sunshine – it came back for a fleeting few moments a couple of times today. After such a long winter, even a tiny but of sunshine is fabulous.

– Four days to indulge in painting. (And I’ve decided that painting paint brushes is possibly a rite of passage for every artist. Here’s mine. Now it’s done.)

– Chocolate. I know, I know. Such a cliché. But hey, it’s Easter. It’s allowed.

If you fancy sharing your five, or playing along on your blog if you have one, pile in and join the party.

Hope you have a fabulous Easter weekend.

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