Liebster Award

Liebster Blog Award

I had a lovely surprise yesterday. I got a ping from Judith Farnworth letting me know that she had nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award. Judith’s art blog covers an astounding range of painting subjects and genres so it’s always a good read. Coming from her, this is high praise.

Thank you, Judith


In keeping with the rules of the Liebster Blog Award, here are my five nominations:

1. My first nomination must go to Maggie Latham. Maggie’s blog is a constant inspiration. Her 31 Days of Colour series is a great reference tool and she’s constantly sharing her enormous knowledge of watercolour painting. Maggie has just started sharing a new series of posts featuring her tropical watercolour washes.

2. Olivia Quintin is one of my fellow One Hundred Wash artists who I was lucky enough to meet for a couple of days last year. I’m looking forward to Olivia and Alain’s return visit when I can show them some of what Cambridge and London have to offer artists. Olivia’s paintings are always thrilling. Her use of colour and the mix of hard and soft watercolour techniques make her paintings something really special to see.

3. Catherine Hopkins amazes me with every blog post. Her degree of accomplishment across every conceivable handcraft is formidable. Catherine can sew and knit to an astonishing degree of professionalism – and with astonishing speed. She reviews books on handcrafts, and in her day job, she is a high-powered lawyer in London.

4. Laura Moore – I recently interviewed Laura in my Meet the Artist series. I have included Laura because she is absolutely passionate about her watercolour painting and her passion shines through every post. Her enthusiasm and her willingness to share her progression through her process of accumulating skills in her toolkit of watercolour techniques is fabulously generous and her blog is always worth reading.

5. Kelly Medford – Finally a newly discovered blog. Kelly Medford is an American oil painter who paints in Rome. Kelly’s blog is a wonderful combination of travel and art for those of us who would love to travel and paint – and who can do so vicariously through Kelly’s blog.

The greatest challenge in selecting these five bloggers was in ONLY selecting these five. The creative world is full of wonderful bloggers and artists who generously share their thoughts and their images. I would love to have nominated more, but them’s the rules folks.

I hope you enjoy exploring the blogs of these five Liebster Award bloggists.

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