Gone quiet

watercolour sketch
Putting the garden to bed (watercolour sketch)

I’ve been quiet for the past few weeks and that may last a while as I’ve got a lot to get through at work right now. But I will be back to my old pace of blogging some time and in the meantime I’ll try to post whenever I can manage it.

A couple of weeks ago we went across to West Point Military Academy to watch Nic compete in the Sandhurst Military Skills Competition as part of the team sent over by RMA Sandhurst. I know. It’s confusing having a Sandhurst team competing at West Point in a US hosted competition named after Sandhurst – but that’s just history. It all came about in 1967 when Sandhurst gifted West Point an officers sword which became the top prize in their competition.  This year 58 teams competed from 10 countries in what is considered the toughest military skills competition in the world. And it was fantastic to be there and to be able to watch them all in action.  Our photos of the day are in this drop box file.  We were hugely proud, when Sandhurst Blue Team came in first place.

This post has a military theme overall as that’s been quite high on our activity list recently. I wrote a while ago about supporting charities.  I have always chosen to support charities that I feel connected to in some way, if not personally, then because they are important to someone I value.

For almost a decade now, I have been a supporter of Starfish Greatheart Foundation (more about them in another post some time). And a little while ago I mentioned the fact that I support Care for Casualties because Nic is now in Rifles Regiment – so it’s a very personal choice for me.  When I delivered a commission last week and Marc sold some of his greeting cards, it was great to be able to put the first £70 into the charity page.  I’m now in the process of adding more paintings to my Red Bubble page as all the profits from any of my Red Bubble sales will go to my Care for Casualties page. Unfortunately, Red Bubble doesn’t have a way of making a payment directly to Just Giving, so I’ll need to make the transfers when I receive payment from them. It’s a bit of a clunky process, but worth it for the cause and a nice way of supporting a charity I think is important.

So if you know anyone who is in the market for a red shoe iPhone cover, or some greeting cards – please point them at my Red Bubble page.  And I hope you will forgive me if I post about my chosen causes from time to time.

A snippet about the image on this page – I’ve started a monthly sketch diary in my lovely watercolour paper book. It’s running a bit behind (what a surprise) but I will catch up in time. This little winter grass sketch is from the January page – we were very late putting the garden to bed this year and were still cutting things back in the freezing cold weather so we would have less to do in spring. I have vowed to do it on time next year.  It’s just gone up on Red Bubble and is available as a greeting card or print.