Staging an exhibition: Venue

As we go through the process of staging our exhibition, I thought it might be helpful to do a few posts about the process.

Once we’d had the idea to do a joint exhibition, the first thing to consider was venue. My initial approach was to ask other artists in the area for suggestions and then consider the following factors:

  • Location
    • Is it easy to get to?
    • How far will people on my mailing list need to travel to reach it?
    • Is there convenient parking
    • Access via public transport
  • The quality of the space
    • Natural light, if any
    • Wall space and scale
    • Size
    • Flow – is it easy for people to wander round the exhibition
  • Cost
    • How affordable is it?
    • What additional costs are there likely to be which are related to this venue?
  • The quality of the space
    • Are there good hanging facilities
    • Tables
    • Electric lighting
    • Comfort facilities (kitchen and toilets)
  • Manning the exhibition
    • Temperature (is it either too hot or too cold for comfort)
    • Location (if it’s very far away, how easy will that be)
Whittlesford gallery
Whittlesford gallery

There are loads of other things to think about that I’m sure I’ve not added here. In the end, we chose not to go for a gallery space in town. We chose The Whittlesford gallery which is 10 miles out of the centre of Cambridge but it ticks the box on many other features. The building is an old school house which has been used as a gallery for many years on and off. It has lovely high windows and, although the size is modest, it has a lot of charm. There is parking, but we will have to be creative about hanging facilities as it has not been used as a gallery for a little while. It’s close to home so manning it won’t be difficult and it’s cost effective so we can put more resource into marketing. Overall, we also like it because it has a history and doing something like an exhibition is good for the community and the neighbouring business.

And being 10 miles out of town doesn’t seem to have hurt us. We’ve already got almost 100 acceptances for our preview night between the three of us. It’s going to be a great weekend. Thank you, Sue, for the opportunity.

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3 thoughts on “Staging an exhibition: Venue

  1. I think this is the start of a fantastic new era in the life of the Old School, Whittlesford! In time I see it as the Art Hub for South Cambridgeshire. Good luck with the exhibition Vandy and friends!

    1. Thanks Val. I’m really pleased you’ll be coming into the village with your creative energy. I think there will be some brilliant collaborations coming along.

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