St Patrick’s Day

Shamrocks (watercolour sketch)
Shamrocks (watercolour sketch)

St Patrick’s Day always seems like a joyful celebration. I think that’s the Irishness of it – lots of parades, dancing, drinking and singing.  It is celebrated all over the world, but that’s possibly partly because there is at least one Irish pub in every city, it seems.

I did a bit of reading this morning and discovered a few quirky St Patrick’s Day facts here and here.

Whether you’re enjoying today with a glass of something alcoholic (and possibly green), or some other way – I hope you have an excellent 17th of March.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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8 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day

  1. Lovely clover/shamrocks, Vandy! Although I have Irish blood, nothing Irish going on here – I leave that to my sister, who is out at Molly Malones pub drinking for us both and listening to Irish music.

    1. This painting was as much celebrating as I did, Rhonda. Although I did have fun painting it so perhaps that counts 😀

  2. Happy Paddies Day to you too. Paul’s mum being Irish is always a good reason to celebrate! Lovely delicate watercolour, Vandy.

  3. Saw lots of green celebrating the day here but not us we went to an all white restaurant and had a beautiful lunch for my birthday with my children and our two lovely grandchildren 6 months and 9 months, really special, Today I paint ! Nice clover or what ever the Irish call it

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