Snow Sport Painting: Snow Surfing

Snow Sport painting: Snow Surfing (watercolour  28 x 38cm)
Snow Surfing (watercolour 28 x 38cm)

In my ‘painting speed’ challenge, I’ve done a second snow sport painting – this time snowboarding.  I debated long and hard about the colours in this painting. Although my first instinct was to make the snow boarder stand out more by giving him garments in a contrasting colour to the snow and the sky. But in the end, I stuck with the blues and I’m pleased I have. It makes him seem more at one with his surroundings.

This painting is the Day 16 one for the 30 Paintings in 30 Days challenge

What have I tried to capture in this Snow Sport Painting?

  • Speed
  • Liberation
  • Agility, and
  • Fun – possibly almost as much fun as I had painting it.

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