Sharing success

Are you comfortable sharing success on social media? For example, it is becoming common practice for artists to share the news when they sell a painting. But some artists find that difficult.

I’m not sure whether this is a particularly female characteristic, I think its probably something most people feel to a greater or lesser degree. I do know that I have had moments when I have been reluctant to step into the spotlight.  Our culture teaches us from an early age that its wrong to be boastful, that vanity is a bad thing, and that ‘nobody likes a show-off’.  And yet, we forget some of the equally sensible messages about being the best that we can, and not hiding it. The quote by Marianne Williamson (now widely acknowledged as having been incorrectly attributed to Nelson Mandela), kinda says it quite well – “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” So our sharing success benefits others.

When is it OK to be sharing success?

sharing success on social mediaI have come to realise that it’s context that makes all the difference. Of course, nobody likes a show-off. But how easy is it to see where the tipping point is on this? When is a parent talking glowingly about their child seen as boastful, and when is it seen as simple loving pride?  Iss it acceptable to speak proudly about the achievements of your organisation, or is that considered ‘pushy’ business talk? When is it OK to share the news of a painting sale or having work selected for a prestigious exhibition? We don’t always know how much sharing is just good PR, and how much is over-the-top.  The result of this confusion is that I think many of us lean further further towards keeping quiet about the special things we’ve done.

So I say – blow your own trumpet! Share your success. Tell people what you’re proud of. And encourage others to do the same. It takes a bit of thinking to overcome our conditioned reticence, but it will get easier with practice.