Rhythm and energy

In a previous blog post I mentioned taking risks with a new painting. In fact it was two paintings. I think of them as being almost twins because I painted them simultaneously step by step. They are on two different papers (because I always need to experiment, of course).

I went back to my South African roots on these. And since there’s been such bad press about the country recently, I thought it might be time for this post.

These paintings express my feeling about African Rhythm

African Rhythm (multimedia 49 x 36 cm)
African Rhythm (multimedia 49 x 36 cm)

…. and African Energy. They both pervade the continent and cross geographical and political boundaries.

African Energy (multimedia 49 x 36 cm)
African Energy (multimedia 49 x 36 cm)

And if you have four minutes to spare, this is kinda fun too.

7 thoughts on “Rhythm and energy

  1. I am amazed at these paintings – they are unusual, interesting, visually exciting with explosions of color and shapes moving around and out.

  2. Vandy how extraordinary. I can certainly feel the energy and rhythm. The colors are glorious too. You really paint from your soul and it comes across. Thank you always for sharing your heart. I am always learning something new from your posts. Take care and have a wonderful week end.

    1. Thanks Debbie. It’s always a risk when you do something unconventional. It’s great to hear when people like them.

  3. Hello Vandy,

    Firstly, a belated congrats on your upcoming exhibition. That was great news and I wish you the best with it:)

    These paintings are very interesting. I really like that strong sense of energy and life they convey. It’s almost as if they are combining the representation of the streets on a map with the energy of the human activity taking place within them.

    I too have been thinking of painting maps of places I am attached to, but it seems a bit out of my grasp at the time, so it will have to wait.

    Also, I like how you are organizing your new gallery page.

    1. Thank you very much for your good wishes for our exhibition, Sophia. The maps were an interesting theme. I’m sure the ideas will progress but I’m going to pause there for a while before I do any more.

  4. These are really exciting pieces Vandy and I watched the little you tube and having come from a musicians background I fully grasped what music can do for society

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