Repeat patterns

I’ve had a really busy couple of weeks with visiting family members from South Africa, who are here for the big event of the year – Nic’s Sandhurst Commissioning.

In the lead up to their arrival and the event itself, I was focused almost entirely on everyone else. Making sure everyone was in the right place, at the right time, with everything they needed, and that they were all comfortable. It was only after the event when I could relax that I realised that in so many ways, I had dropped into a repeat pattern of behaviour. As the eldest child, I was always the one who was told I had to be responsible for my younger siblings and friends when no adult was around. Those early messages really stick in the brain, and so often they are unconscious repeated for decades.

When I paused to think about it, I realised that the patterns were extending into the types of conversations I was having with family members, the places we visit, and the food we like to eat. If you really think about it, we’re stuck in repeats all the time. Some of them are worth stepping out of – and it’s when I recognise those that I get into my experimenting and boundary pushing phases.

But there are some patterns that are really cool. And the more I looked, the more I saw. Here are a few of the visual repeat patterns from my week.

Red stripes and red jackets
Red stripes and red jackets

The red stripes and perfectly aligned shoulders in the Sandhurst parade were so impressive. Seeing 600 cadets marching onto the parade ground was a visual thrill – the rhythm of boots and the patterns of uniforms moving in perfect synchonisation created a proper pageant.

Patterns on Nic's sword
Patterns on Nic’s sword
More patterns on Nic's sword
More patterns on Nic’s sword

Nic’s ceremonial sword has beautiful patterns engraved on the the blade. It’s a real work of art.

Cable: a repeat pattern with an occasional twist
Cable: a repeat pattern with an occasional twist

The cable in my latest jumper (which I hope will be finished this week because it’s been going on for far too long now!) is far less of a work of art. The repeat pattern of the cable has a nice little extra twist every so often.

I’m now thinking about how patterns manifest themselves in my paintings.

4 thoughts on “Repeat patterns

    1. Dear Vandy – from one oldest child to another – I know exactly what you mean – some patterns never really change. Loved seeing all your beautiful patterns and especially the art on Nic’s sword. Thanks for sharing – I enjoyed my visit. Hugs

      1. Glad you enjoyed the post, Debbie. Sometimes those old patterns can be quite comforting. I’m really enjoying having time with my sister this August.

    2. They looked really smart – and knowing how hard they worked to get the drill just right, I was so proud of them. Their parade was flawless.

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