Ready for the Ball

Ready for the Ball (small watercolour)
Ready for the Ball (small watercolour)

Went for a bit of variety yesterday and worked on something purely for the structure and form – and playing with a bit of light texture. (Although when I say variety, I clearly don’t mean colour as I’m still working in the red spectrum.)

The stiletto is an iconic shape. When taken to extreme, almost impossible to wear. There’s an architectural quality about a very high heeled shoe. Somehow it’s all about the angles. No attempt at realism in this painting – just playing with the shapes and exploring our perspective on the shoe.

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4 thoughts on “Ready for the Ball

  1. Why would you say you’re not an artist–then who did these beautiful paintings? They are very elegant. Watercolor is your medium, unfortunately not mine, my hand is too heavy. Thanks for visiting me today. I appreciated your comment. I like your website too.It’s very well organized.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Linda. I feel that I’m still experimenting madly with styles and media so I suspect people coming to my site get a bit of a medley of images. But it is gradually coming together which is satisfying when it works. 🙂

      The support of other artists has helped enormously. We can learn so much from each other and in this solitary activity, the sharing becomes so much more significant.

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