The Purple Asparagus I Stole

Purple Asparagus painting for Running With Brushes
Purple Asparagus painting for Running With Brushes

I’ve never been a massive fan of purple asparagus – or any asparagus for that matter. There’s something in the pungence of it’s flavour that doesn’t appeal to me.

Yesterday I changed my opinion of this vegetable – but not about it’s taste. Asparagus season has begun and at the entrance to the fruit and vegetable department in the supermarket, a  high pile of purple asparagus entices customers to buy.  Unlike me, Marc is extremely partial to this glorious grass. It’s one of his favourite treats. He succumbed to the enticements and popped a bunch of purple asparagus in the basket. That’s when I noticed the wonderful colours on the stems and decided they had to be painted. The fabulous combination of green and purple tones, added to the delicate shapes of the tips and the markings up each stem were just a dream for a watercolour.

Stealing the Purple Asparagus

Before Marc could cook his supper this evening – I stole it. I whipped it out of the fridge and into the studio while the afternoon light was still strong enough and had a fabulously interesting subject to paint.

I was particularly fascinated by the variability in the tips – every one slightly different. Some had a little tilt at the end, some were almost rounded: fun to paint but also, quite intricate. Getting the balance of softness and detail right was a challenge.

As I write this post, Marc is just about to sit down with a plate of juicy, steaming hot asparagus. The theft of his purple asparagus was only temporary. He got it back in time for supper and he even quite likes the painting. Good thing, given that he’ll be packaging it for Running With Brushes this week. (I suspect, he secretly quite liked the idea that he’s about to eat a bunch of asparagus that’s been immortalised in paint.)

This painting is available on Running With Brushes

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  1. Vandy – I am fond of asparagus like your hubby Marc but have never painted it which gives me inspiration. Hope you have a fabulous week-end with “Running with the Brushes.”

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