Pomodoro and Lepidoptera Prints

Pomodoro - Limited Edition Print (40 x 29cm)
Pomodoro – Limited Edition Print (40 x 29cm)

Pomodoro is one of my latest two limited edition fine art prints. It was painted one cold winter’s day when I really needed to feel warmed up.I found some gloriously juicy ripe vine tomatoes in the kitchen and they became the subject of my winter warmer painting: Pomodoro. I love the spidery dark green leaves on vine tomatoes. They’re the left over sepals of the little yellow and on vine tomatoes, they create really interesting shapes to contrast with the smooth round fruits.

The looseness of these tomatoes made them seem to radiate the smell and taste of the sun ripe fruit – in the same way as a rich pomodoro sauce does. Since italian style cooking is a hot favourite in our house, the taste and smell of tomatoes is a familiar pleasure.

Lepidoptera - Limited Edition Print (35 x 30cm)
Lepidoptera – Limited Edition Print (35 x 30cm)

Lepidoptera was inspired by Marc’s collection of framed butterflies. He started collecting them almost 30 years ago. The colours and shapes are astounding. The range of patterns varied and beautiful. It’s no surprise that these stunning show-offs of the insect world are popular subjects for artists. Aside from the sheer vibrance of the colours and wing designs, they embody the concepts of freedom and lightness. And of course, the idea of metamorphosis from a stubby, slow moving caterpillar to a free-flying nectar collector is so very appealing.

My painting was done using two specific butterflies as references: one of my all time favourites, Urania Leilus and the dramatic, O. Croesus. The other butterflies on the page are simple shapes to add some further butterfly essence rather than any particular specimen.

Prints of Pomodoro and Lepidoptera

Pomodoro is now available as a limited edition fine art print on Artfinder

Lepidoptera is now available as a limited edition fine art print on Artfinder.


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  1. Vandy – those tomatoes look good enough to eat and your butterflies are lovely. They are such a favorite of mine…flying flowers!

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