Pick Me!

Sometimes even the most confident person finds the idea of showing paintings in public quite daunting. Taking work to a gallery is even more so as there is a definite element of judgement involved in the question of whether the work will be accepted. In an exhibition, each painting needs to be strong enough to stand out. This applies in a gallery, but long before that, the gallery owner’s opinion is the deciding factor.  So, until this is an established way of showing works for an artist, they may well be asking themselves whether their work is good enough for a gallery to accept it.

I suspect a more relevant question is whether the work is a good fit for the audience this particular gallery attracts. Keeping this in mind makes acceptance or rejection feels less personal.

Pick Me! (watercolour - 66 x 18cm)
Pick Me! (watercolour – 66 x 18cm)

This work was one which was not accepted for the selection exhibition of the Society of East Anglian Watercolourists, which seemed ironic considering it’s title. However, since I’ve had two galleries email me in the past fortnight asking if I would consider exhibiting with them – I thought it might be time to take that plunge and take a selection of works to a gallery I like.

I’m thrilled to say that this painting and one other got picked immediately and are now on show at the Darryl Nantais Gallery. Three more will be framed before also going there – and I’m sure there will be more in future.

In my painting journey, I have had advice and encouragement from many fellow artists. Three who have been amazingly patient and supportive in answering a stream of questions about gallery charges and fees recently are Ruth McCabe, Jean Haines and  Mo Teeuw who are listed on my page of Artists to follow. They have been generous with their time in giving me advice and I’m enormously grateful.

6 thoughts on “Pick Me!

    1. I’m glad you found this helpful, Astrid. Thanks for commenting. It’s always good to know people are reading the posts. 🙂

  1. Hi Vandy.. I also like the thinking in this and may well be asking you for that oh so useful advice as it may be one of my next steps!!! It seems to require more courage from me than exhibiting or workshops and the way you have put it here makes a lot of sense and the possible rejection as you say much less personal…. wish you lot of luck with new venture and hope the sales come thick and fast!!!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes, Judith. I’m always happy to share advice if it would be helpful. Contact me any time.

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