Perspectives and growth in 2013

The idea that started to crystalise in my work in the last months of 2012 was one of gaining new perspectives. Many of my paintings started to focus on something every day, but with an emphasis or a focal point that leads us to look at a particular aspect of the scene.

This thread emerged unconsciously as I painted and I’ve now decided to make it a conscious focus for 2013.

Charlotte 1 (small watercolour card)
Charlotte 1 (small watercolour card)

Today I painted a set of cards to go with some gifts I’m sending in the mail. The cards form part of a series in which we see a part of a garden from the perspective of a spider in it’s web. Looking down, a bed of flowers in just below the web and in the background is a border of shrubs and trees.

Charlotte 2 (small watercolour card)
Charlotte 2 (small watercolour card)

This is a different perspective from the one we generally view a garden from, and in addition to that, it ticks another box for me: the element of growth. Growing my repertoire of painting skills is on my list of things to do in 2013. This little scene seemed entirely appropriate for a series of cards to start the year.

Charlotte 3Charlotte 3 (small watercolour card)
Charlotte 3 (small watercolour card)

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3 thoughts on “Perspectives and growth in 2013

  1. Dear Vandy – love your spider perspective – lovely work – always enjoy seeing what you are doing – have a great week.

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