Pay it Forward

One of my Facebook friends put up a status which proposed a Pay It Forward commitment. I thought it rather fun so I decided to take part. The person putting up the status agrees to send a gift to each of the first five people to comment.

Watercolour bookmarks
Watercolour bookmarks

In line with my themes of New Perspectives and Growth for this year, I though some special bookmarks would fit the bill. Each one of these is hand painted which makes them unique.  Although I wouldn’t normally do this to a watercolour, as I want them to last and stay looking good, I put each one through a heat laminator.  Many happy books to be read by  the recipients of my Facebook Pay It Forward gifts.

Thanks must go to Rhonda for her post about bookmarks which made me go “Hmmmm. Good Idea!”

We had snow days on the weekend. One week earlier and we would have been in real trouble:  Our boiler was out of commission so we had no heating for the best part of a week, at the same time as having a large hole in the roof where the builders were adding in a section for our stairs – and the weather turned bitterly cold. Thankfully, by the time the snow arrived, the boiler had been replaced and the roof was back on (almost).

But cold aside – the snow made my studio look so inviting, I thought I should share this photo so you can see where I go to paint and recharge my batteries each weekend.

Studio in the snow
Studio in the snow

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2 thoughts on “Pay it Forward

  1. Oh what a good idea to laminate these lovely works. I loved Rhonda’s post too when I saw it. You blogging friends are full of bright ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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