Painting Style Transition

Painting style transition
Almost empty (small watercolour)

From time to time I find it a struggle to get into the flow of painting – that’s when I know I’m going through a painting style transition.

At the moment I have 4 paintings on easels around the studio – and they’re all frustratingly stuck. One is just not exciting – it needs something to bring it to life. One was too dull – it’s been washed back and will be redone in different media. One is experimental – I’m learning a new technique and its not quite working yet. And the the fourth one wasn’t working tonally, but it’s beginning to get there now. They will come together – I just have to remember to exercise patience.

Another knotty little question I’ve been wrestling with recently is whether to keep on blogging. If you add the writing time to the time it takes to maintain an online portfolio or two, and the Running With Brushes website – it adds up to quite a few evenings of laptop use. The sacrifice is painting time.

It’s actually the process of my painting style transition that has made me recognise that one of the benefits of blogging is recording those changes. My blog is a journal of my painting. It’s a great way of capturing my thoughts and the progress I make as I go through my experiments and develop new ideas.

My current painting style transition

I’ve no idea what will come out of the other side, but the little painting of my almost empty tubes of paints – some of my favourite colours – is the first sign of new elements of bold colour and semi abstract style that’s emerging.

I’ve always been a bit of a colour junkie. Now it’s just getting bolder and looser. It will be interesting to see where it takes me.

11 thoughts on “Painting Style Transition

  1. I like the confident style of your paint tube work Vandy. You are so right about the transition process and sometimes it takes one step forward and two back before it takes hold. I too think about the blogging but i know it has benefits like a diary of old and also a means of voicing and sharing what is otherwise a fairly solitary time

    1. I really enjoyed painting the tubes. It’s a really bold painting for me – but there may be more of that coming along.

  2. I think you are right, I am going through such a transition at the moment too. No idea where it will lead me. I love the boldness of the tubes!

    1. Thanks Maggie. Your support on the 100 Wash Challenge was such a big part of my early confidence building when it comes to painting. I’m so pleased you enjoy the blog.

  3. Going through a transition can be exciting. You could call it growth. Trying to break into that next step can be challenging but when you get there, very rewarding. I agree about the blogging. I have recently been toying with giving up my blog but then I realized it is a record of how I did things and why colors I used that I have not recorded anywhere else. Something to think about.

    1. I agree, Jean. It’s just a matter of balancing a limited amount of time. But I still think the blogging has value.

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