Painting in Wales

Little Red Farmhouse (watercolour 6 x 4 inches)
Little Red Farmhouse (watercolour 6 x 4 inches)

This weekend, I needed to collect some paintings which were coming off exhibition at The Little House of Art in Glastonbury. We decided to make a weekend of it and so we found a cottage in Wales (which I know isn’t massively close to Glastonbury, but it worked for us). The setting was just about perfect. Quiet, beautiful, no internet connection, very patchy mobile phone connection. We were hiding away from the world for a couple of days.

I’m aware that one of the things I’ve not done enough is painting en plein air. Today provided me with an opportunity for a bit of practice.  I only had to go as far as the garden table so it was probably the softie’s version of plein air painting, but it still pushed me out of my comfortable studio where I have everything I need.

I love the patchwork of fields you get in rural England and Wales. They provide great angles and shapes for landscapes. And the view from the patio was rich material. I painted one small sketch of the hillside in front of us with a barn showing just above a line of trees. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photograph before I gave it away to the lovely family next door to us who had been phenomenally welcoming and very kindly provided us with basket loads of firewood for the stove in our cottage. So sadly, I can’t share that one with you.

The other painting I did was of a red farmhouse near the top of the hill with fields laid neatly out in front of it. The red building reminded me of the illustration on the packaging of one of my favourite childhood treats.  There was a brand of ice cream called Little Red Schoolhouse. They made the creamiest, most chocolatey ice cream I had ever tasted and I was utterly hooked on it. The ice cream was only made in 2 litre tubs so we had to persuade Mum to buy it for pudding if we wanted it. It was the best treat ever.  Little Red Schoolhouse ice cream doesn’t exist any more, and I suspect that it probably wouldn’t be nearly as decadently delicious as I remember.  But the red farmhouse on the hill brought back some lovely memories nevertheless and it so Little Red Schoolhouse made a comeback as Little Red Farmhouse in my plein air painting in Wales.

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  1. Love hearing of your memories of the Little Red Schoolhouse. We have a nature preserve out here with a Little Red Schoolhouse building on it that is used to highlight local natural animals and plants. I love going there!!

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