Painting atmospheric skies

For many artists there’s something quite seductive about a big, wide sky filled with clouds.  Painting atmospheric skies is something that calls us.Painting atmospheric skies

We all love a clear blue summer sky, but visually, they’re just not as interesting as one that’s filled with clouds. They lack something special – big moody atmosphere!

Painting atmospheric skies on two continents

The sunsets over Istanbul are spectacular. Its the combination of the sky line and the water seem to work perfectly together to create that atmospheric sky.  When in Istanbul, I can recommend a ferry ride across the Bosphorus at the end of the day. If you judge your time just right, you get to see the perfect harmony – and that’s what makes an artist want to get painting atmospheric skies.

Paintings atmospheric skies 2 And then there’s a sunrise sky in the United States. This painting is derived from a photograph sent to me by an athletic friend who noticed the beauty of the water and sky during his morning run in Wilmington.  The first attempt to capture the serenity of the scene was in pure watercolour. This first small Wilmington painting and the view from the Bosphorus image were both done for RunningWithBrushes

Painting atmospheric skies  - morning run

The mixed media version of the image took longer – it’s had a number of laters applied to get the right textures.  Its darker, and moodier, and it certainly has atmosphere. There’s a sort of ‘noir’ feeling about the final image. And despite being derived from the same photograph, they have very different feelings. Same water. Same sky. Different colours. Different textures. Very different mood.

4 thoughts on “Painting atmospheric skies

  1. Love these!! I was talking with my grandmother about the sky here…bright blue with huge puffy white clouds…a thick blanket of snow on the ground! The last one posted is gorgeous, too…I love the color scheme and layered technique. Beautiful work, thank you for the post, Vandy!

    1. Thanks Hannah. It’s fantastic to see how much variety you can get in skies. They have such a wide range of moods. Snowy day sky sounds beautiful.

  2. After learning techniques, we water media artists need to explore feelings and how we convey those – you certainly have done that with all of these paintings! I can’t choose a favorite but love the cloudy stormy ones a lot.

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