One Brush Roses in Watercolour

I had to get creative to paint my roses in watercolour today.

Roses in Watercolour: Three Queens (15 x 10cm)
Three Queens (watercolour 15 x 10cm)

Pack light watercolour kit.

I’m taking a couple of days to get off the daily treadmill and chill out at a spa for the weekend. It’s a chance to read, rest, do some stretching sessions, and be pampered. It also meant packing really light.

One brush and Daniel Smith's Georgia Mansur palette
All a girl needs to paint: One brush and the Georgia Mansur palette

I had planned to pre-paint my couple of entries for this weekend, but I was just too busy so I had to make a plan: a few sheets of pre-cut paper, one brush and the Georgia Mansur palette from Daniel Smith.Β  Georgia very kindly sent me a sample sheet for her palette before I went on her workshop last year. It has some wonderful juicy colours. I’ve experimented with it before, so this would be a great way to work with her palette again, and pack light at the same time.

Roses in Watercolour

Having worked out the ‘how’, the next point was the usual question: “What to paint?”

When in doubt, I trawl through the photographs on my laptop for inspiration.Β  I have some glorious flower photographs takenΒ in our garden by Marc. Valentine’s Day is round the corner, so I thought I should paint a few roses in watercolour for sale on Running with Brushes.

I’ll get back to the fishing flies collection again soon.

12 thoughts on “One Brush Roses in Watercolour

  1. Vandy I saw one of your pictures in Judith Elliott’s kitchen last week and loved it !! Would love to know if you have an exhibition one day x

    1. Thanks for say so, Sonia. That’s very kind of you. I will be doing open studios twice this year (April/May and July) so if you sign up for my newsletter on the form on my website, you’ll get an invitation email to them. Look forward to seeing you there. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Guinevere. I think your work is lovely. You’re very lucky to be at art college – so much scope to explore and play while you develop your work.

    1. Thanks Sheila. Paintings really do reflect the artist’s mood at the time of painting. I really can’t get my brushes moving if I am angry or upset. These were painted when I was feeling quite relaxed. πŸ™‚

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