Olivia Quintin Workshop Opportunity

Next August, UK artists will have the opportunity of joining an Olivia Quintin workshop.

Olivia Quintin Flowers 3

Sometimes a chance blog post read leads on to a long term friendship and some wonderful adventures. Towards the end of 2010 I read a blog post about the 100 Wash Challenge which was just starting.  I was fortunate enough to be accepted as one of the seven artists who took part in that challenge in 2011.

This is where I met Olivia.  The 100 Wash Challenge was a fantastic experience in many way. It was the perfect example of getting out what we all put in. The artists who were lucky enough to take part all put in the time to share their experiences 100 times each during that year. In return, we learned a huge amount about watercolours, and we became online friends.

Eight months after the challenge ended I travelled to Vannes to meet Olivia.  A year later, in September 2013, we spent another long weekend together. This time, Olivia came to Cambridge. Since the 100 Wash Challenge ended, Olivia’s reputation as one of France’s top watercolourists has led to her acceptance at the Bienniale at Brioude in 2013. After her popular exhibition and workshop there, she has now been accepted as one of the featured artists for the 2015 Brioude Bienniale. Olivia blogs at http://atelierpetitemer.blogspot.co.uk/ and has an official website where her works are displayed. She is a member of the Société Française de l’Aquarelle .

During a fabulous painting week on Belle Île last September, we developed a plan for Olivia to teach a workshop in the UK.  Today we announce the details:

Olivia Quintin watercolours

3 thoughts on “Olivia Quintin Workshop Opportunity

  1. Anyone close to this workshop would be crazy not to go!! What a great experience it would be to watch and learn from Olivia. I so enjoyed all of the beautiful watercolors in the 100 Wash Challenge paintings!

    1. Watch this space, Rhonda. There’s a new Wash challenge announcement coming soon too. Olivia and I have been have a great time planning. 🙂

  2. Dear Vandy – this sounds fabulous. Wish I lived close enough to attend. So nice too about your friendship with Olivia. Hope you have a great day.

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