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I know it is deeply uncool to admit this – but I am so thrilled with the new gallery I’ve put together for this site!  I’m far too impatient and I have to share it now even though it’s only got a few images in it.

Just the best thing about it is that the viewer can drive what images get shown. This means, rather than me deciding to put the images in static galleries that have fixed images in them – you can click the buttons and drive it all yourself. (Yes, I know I am a bit of a geek and this is probably not terribly exciting for anyone else. But I love it).

Gallery of watercolours
Screen grab of the first iteration of my gallery page

So, for example if you want to see all paintings of flowers, just click  Flowers and watch what happens. If you want to see all the paintings that have sold, click “All” in the Collections buttons, and “Sold” in the Availability buttons. How cool is that?

And you can even decide how the paintings are displayed on the page by selecting the ‘Masonry’, ‘Straight Down’ or ‘Masonry horizontal’ option. Hover over the image to see the caption, or  click on an image to see the large version.

Please would you do me a favour? Have a play and let me know what you think? Specifically, please let me know how easy it is to work out how to to get to what you want to see. I’ll load more images as quickly as I can so that there’s more to look at.

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3 thoughts on “New Gallery

  1. Vandy – I certainly had a try – this is amazing and I wish I had some of your computer geekness. You are extremely talented. By the way I love those red shoes. I am a sucker for shoes. Have a great day.

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