Mixing media

Landscape watercolour painting - Mist Clearing
Mist clearing (watercolour 40cm x 28cm)

So often, it strikes me that there is a parallel between my current painting and something else I’m working on at the time.

For a while I’ve been thinking about the various online profiles we have and been aware that it’s all too easy for social media to give a skewed perception of who we are and what we do.  LinkedIn provides a reasonably comprehensive view of my working life, while Facebook and this website focus mainly on my painting. If you read any one of the three, you’ll get a very specific picture of who I am and what I do – but it’s only a think slice of the whole.

Last week I set up an About.Me page to pull all aspects into one single page. It took a few attempts to get the balance right between all aspects, and a good number of runs at getting the text right. I’ve written before about how difficult I find it to write about myself, and I’m sure I’m not alone in finding it a challenge. I got some extremely helpful feedback from friends along the way which helped enormously to refine my thinking about balance and tone for the content.  In time I’ll probably add some information about my work life to this website so the balance follows through here, but my blogging on this site will still be about sharing my painting.

On which subject – I’ve been thinking about doing some work in mixed media, something I’ve only touched upon once or twice in the past. I find the variety of marks created by different media can give a painting a different type of depth and interest so today, I had a go using watercolour, gouache and gesso in a painting.  If I were to start over from scratch I would probably tweak the composition in one or two ways, but overall, I quite like the atmosphere of this painting and I’ll keep on using multimedia in future. Maybe not for every painting, but certainly for a fair few.

6 thoughts on “Mixing media

  1. Interesting post Vandy but even when we know someone in real life, do we really know them? People do have many facets anyway and these are very dependant on the situation we know each person in. So maybe it is no different with social media perhaps. Btw just love the painting. Didn’t realise it was mixed media till you mentioned.

  2. Vandy – I think your mixed media painting is wonderful. Isn’t it great sometimes to try something new…it keeps one from becoming stale. I enjoyed reading about you last week…I agree it is hard to write about one’s self. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Whatever additional media you have used in this you have produced a really captivating painting Vandy. As far as the about me it is interesting how we are viewed by those who barely know us so providing background information helps for anyone wanting to know more. I had to write my artist statement last week for the first time and was amazed at how it all came together

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