Meet the Artist: Laura Moore

Laura Moore
Laura Moore

What mediums do you use for your artwork? – Which is your favourite and why?

Since watercolours found their way into my life a few years ago I have not used any other medium.  Its versatility, fluidity, vitality and mysterious ways are enough to absorb my attention and curiosity.
I find the challenge for a watercolourist is to learn to tame watercolour without extinguishing its energetic, life force qualities.

Which contemporary artists do you admire?

There are many modern day watercolourists who paint with expression, mystery and looseness that I admire.  Far too many for me to mention here.
I do believe that spending too much time focused on just one or two artists leads to the loss of individual creativity and originality.  From a young age I have always had an interest in the art world and I have always been open to all genres of art.  The appreciation of art as a whole broadens the mind and develops thinking and creativity in my view.

What has been the highlight of your artistic career so far?

My first local Solo Exhibition last year.  It was quite a daunting prospect putting my artwork out there for the world to view.  Possibly it is confidence that holds a lot of aspiring talented artists back.
My view with all this is to take the risk no matter how scary as “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

If you had one wish (regarding your art), what would it be?

I am really content with the path that watercolour has put me on.  It is not an easy road to go down but I know that putting time, effort and determination into it brings such wonderful rewards.  My one wish would be that my art might inspire others to pick up the watercolour brush to find solace in this wonderful medium like I have. 

How would you characterize your style?

Tricky question as I believe styles evolve.   For me stagnation is probably the worst thing that could happen on an artistic front.  I intend to continue to learn new techniques and to develop my own subject ideas and in doing so, develop my style further.  This will keep my passion and interest alive, the paintings fresh and the skill moving forward.  There will always be an element of impressionism and looseness within my style and too much realism lacks expressiveness and mystery for my taste.

Laura Moore - Thinking of Fish (watercolour)
Laura Moore – Thinking of Fish (watercolour)

Do you have a signature painting?

“Thinking of Fish” is probably the painting that encapsulates me as an artist and me as a person the most.  It symbolizes my great passion for both watercolour and wildlife in an impressionistic, colourful and textural way.  For me inspiration comes from connection or emotional commitment with the subject and this helps me to produce a more individual and expressive painting.

What’s in your calendar for the coming year?

My next event is the Lea Valley Art Society’s Easter Exhibition held over four days at Haileybury College, Hertfordshire, UK.  I will be helping in manning the event as well as exhibiting my artwork.  (Six framed paintings and four unmounted.)  More details can be found on my website.  Once this is over I will be working towards another local solo exhibition later in the year.  I will continue to look for suitable venues to exhibit my style of art throughout the year and beyond.

If you had one tip to share with other artists, what would that be?

My tip for artists is to fully develop their understanding of the application and timing process with watercolour.   It is the gentle fluid manner in which the brushstrokes are laid down onto the pristine paper and then left alone for the pigment to work its magic that determines the final effect achieved.  Mastering this skill brings fresher washes and more confident brush markings that create a more interesting, expressive and individual painting. 

Laura Moore - Papaveri (watercolour)
Laura Moore – Papaveri (watercolour)

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8 thoughts on “Meet the Artist: Laura Moore

  1. Hi Laura

    So nice to see you being interviewed on this page! You are an inspiration to a newbie like me, not only in watercolour technique but also on technical matters, ie. facebook pages etc. Even though you are very busy, you have always taken the time to respond to my messages and I cannot thank you enough! You and Vandy have been so supportive and well done on an excellent interview!

  2. Vancy thank you for visiting and commenting. Your watercolors are wonderful, full of life and energy. Congratulations on your fist solo show. I think you’re right about self confidence, but a lot of talented folks really do lack it, for they are always striving to do better than that piece they just finished. Unfortunately, we are our worst critics and that holds a lot of us back. I also am not that anxious to get involved in the business end. I am afraid it will it will take over and start dictating what I should be producing. It’s very nice to make a buck, but it’s very easy to get caught up in that. I try to sit on my ambition for recognition. It’s not working as the paintings pile up :-)) Good questions to ponder. I enjoyed this post and your candor.

    1. Oops, I didn’t realize that wasn’t you I was talking to. Sorry I typoed your name Vandy. But I did enjoy Laura’s post. It made me think. I also like an actual happy face rather than a combination of punctuation marks. Obviously, not sponsored by Blogger.

  3. Vandy – it is wonderful you featured Laura on your blog. She is certainly talented and I just love seeing her art. Your interview was superb. Thanks for sharing this lovely artist with everyone. Take care.

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