London Art Fair 2013

No painting this week as I’ve been flat out at work. However, I was very kindly invited to The London Art Fair by Byard Art and so took time out on Wednesday evening to visit with a friend.

There is a lot to see, with so many gallery stands that it’s sometimes a bit of a crush. As this show is for contemporary art it’s a really mixed bag, some of which, I have to say, I really don’t like. At these sorts of shows I find myself scanning and thinking,  ‘They’re taking the p…” or “What ????”.  Then something really amazing will catch my eye and it is jaw-droppingly brilliant.

This year, I felt the hit rate was lower than it usually is for me – but then that could just say something about my taste in art rather than the exhibits.

Muker from Kidston Hill IV  Acrylic on Canvas  122 x 122 cm
Relton and Marine – Muker from Kidston Hill IV
(Acrylic on Canvas 122 x 122 cm)

Byard Art’s stand features the work of a number of artists who’s work I did like a lot. The collaborative large acryllics on canvas done by  Relton and Marine have great impact and depict gentle scenes which draw you in with their detail and perspective.

Chris Wood - Random (Dichroic glass and Light 120 x 120cm)

I was really taken by Chris Wood’s pieces using glass and light to create random images which are beautiful and ethereal. I can image that in the right position, the shifting light of the day would make these dynamic and fascinating.

Claire Moynihan - Hornet (Textile)
Claire Moynihan – Hornet (Textile)

Claire Moynihan’s little beasties in textile art are amazingly detailed and quite charming. Bugs seem to be a popular subject these days (See Carol Carter’s blog for some very colourful little creatures).

Other artists whose work I really liked were Jason Martin who paints the most sensuous oils on aluminium. He somehow makes paint seem alive with his sinuous monochrome works (I couldn’t find his website so no link I’m afraid), and Marco Crivello who creates dramatic images in oils.

There were very few watercolours on show, but a fair number of stands were offering prints and 3D works. This is a ‘something for everybody’ show with the wide range of work on show. There’s still time to visit London Art Fair over the weekend as it closes on Sunday 20th.

(All images reproduced with kind permission of Byard Art)

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