La Belle France

La Belle France (watercolour and acrylic ink 28 x 38cm)
La Belle France (watercolour and acrylic ink 28 x 38cm)

Having seen my Africa paintings, friends Hayley and Simon asked me to paint La Belle France for Hayley’s parents who now live in the idyllic French countryside.

This is France shining brightly with all her life-giving rivers, centres of energy where the population is greatest, and luminous tentacles of influence spreading outwards from her borders.

The precursors to La Belle France are:

African Energy

African Rhythm


Two of these can be seen on the Paintings in the Wild page. Both of them stayed close to home having ended up in private collections within 20km from where they were created.


9 thoughts on “La Belle France

    1. Thanks Judith. This was a real multi-layered glazing painting. It was a journey over a couple of months but it was fantastic watching it develop. Lots of thinking time inbetween layers.

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