January Give-Away: Blazing London

Blazing London (watercolour 320 x 110)
Blazing London (watercolour 320 x 110)

This painting was done during the riots in London. We were all watching something that seemed unbelievable.  The city was ablaze. The destruction was uncontrollable, and quite devastating. Above all that, it was an unsettling insight into mob-hysteria and the damage it can do.

But within hours of the final bricks being hurled, something rather heartening happened. People came from miles around to help with the clear up and the rebuild. I like to think that new friendships were forged, and that the communities involved became stronger and more capable as a result. A phoenix rose from those ashes.

The beginning of a new year felt like an appropriate time to give away this little painting of the city skyline with the images of growth and rebuilding sketched into the skyline.

This painting is a 320 x 110 mm watercolour and will come with a mount around it.

So here’s what you should do if you fancy owning this little painting:

– Just leave a comment on this post to say you’d like to be in the draw.

– If you’re on FB and you fancy going into the draw twice, share this post on FB and say you’ve done so in the comment you put on this blog post.

The draw will be done with Random.org on the 25th January. A special date for me as it’s my elder son’s birthday.

Happy posting!

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9 thoughts on “January Give-Away: Blazing London

  1. I will post this on my FB page. Thank you for entering me in the draw. I love finding wonderful watercolorists like yourself to follow on FB.

  2. living in London and through the riots would love to own your take on it, and will share on FB.

  3. “Life is a flame that is always burning itself out, but it catches fire again every time a child is born” – George Bernard Shaw

  4. The Random.org draw came up with number 4 so the painting goes to Dawn Denton – The Legends of London lady herseif. How wonderfully appropriate.

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