It’s Personal

Sending a hand painted card feels rather more personal than sending a commercial printed one. It’s not always possible because of time constraints. But it does say something about how important the recipient is to you.

Watercolour - summer field
Watercolour card – summer field

 This one went in a parcel to my son at Sandhurst along with some chocolates I know he likes. I thought he would like the simple countryside scene, given his love of the outdoors.

Watercolour card - Hayley's view
Watercolour card – Hayley’s view

And this was a 40th birthday card for a creative friend who has always been enthusiastic about my paintings. She has  a wonderful perspective of the world as viewed through the lens of her camera, so I chose to paint this garden scene through the lens of a pretty web, with a bit of soft focus in the background.

It’s rather nice to be able to personalise these little cards in some way that reflects something about the person receiving them.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Personal

  1. I like the cards and I couldn’t agree more with the idea. I really enjoy painting cards for other people, it’s great fun and people seem to really appreciate getting them in the post. Yes it takes a little time – and it’s worth it.

    1. Hi Doug. I’m glad you like the cards. I still have the one you painted. It is sitting on the bookshelf in my office and has such a good energy, it always makes me smile.

      I think the process of slowing down enough to think about the theme is valuable in itself. And I suspect that I get as much out of creating these personal cards as the person I’m painting them for.

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