4 thoughts on “In Six Words

  1. Vandy, I too read Donna’s post and thought it was very interesting. I love the way you have actually painted your words….very creative!!!! So sorry to hear about your recent fall, but am glad that moving into your outdoor studio has been inspiring for you. Mine does not have heat or power and is on the highest part of the garden (which is really cold)….so I’m having to wait for spring to fully move outside again!

    1. Having electricity out there makes such a difference, Maggie. I’m not sure I could cope with painting in there if it was an icebox. :-/ I am very lucky to have the space.

  2. Hi Vandy

    Thanks for sharing this from Donna’s web site, it really gets the brain going doesn’t it? I love what you’ve done here, showing your thoughts as separate paintings! x Suzanne

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