Girls’ Best Friends

I was working under time pressure last weekend. Time was running out. Exhibition season is starting and I didn’t have enough new work to show. Admittedly, there’s always the old works to show again, but it feels as if it’s time for a change.

Sometimes, despite the fact that it’s pressurised, tight deadlines produce some interesting results. I tend not to play it safe, and get quite experimental. This weekend was no different. I started a series of show paintings. There’s something about high heels in particular that women love. They have such elegant lines. Girls’ Best Friends was the outcome of me working on emphasising those lines and bringing out the structural feel of a pair of stilettos.

Working to a deadline clearly paid off in this instance: this painting was accepted for the Society of East Anglian Watercolourists Exhibition at The Peter Pear Gallery in Aldeburgh. The exhibition starts tomorrow and goes on until 16th October.

Girls' Best Friends - watercolour
Girls’ Best Friends (watercolour 38 x 48cm)

I’m stewarding at the exhibition on Sunday. I’ll write more about the exhibition after that.

For the artists amongst you, I’ve started a page listing online resources for artists. The list isn’t very long at the moment, but it will grow in time and if you have any to share, please let me know. It includes, art material suppliers, framers and art galleries, amongst other things. Hope it proves helpful.


2 thoughts on “Girls’ Best Friends

  1. Most people, working under a deadline to create new works to show, would have played it safe and redone old winners – you’ve stepped away from safe and created something really interesting here. Definitely a winner – and brave of you to not repeat the old in another format 🙂 Good luck and congratulations on getting into this show.

    1. Thanks Rhonda. It was quite a weekend. But I was really pleased with the way this turned out. I think I may do some more work in this style in future now that I’ve done Girl’s Best Friends.

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