Painting in interesting places

I’m writing this on a plane to Geneva. As a general rule, my work only takes me as far as London on a regular basis, but once in a while I need to go further afield. While I would dearly love to have the time to wander through a new place with a sketchbook and camera gathering images and inspiration, it’s just not possible on a working day. But that doesn’t mean the influences don’t sink in. Every time I go somewhere new, I try to absorb the essence of the place. The feel of a city – the people, the weather and the energy all play a part.

Malta Easter 2010 (small watercolour)
Malta Easter 2010 (small watercolour)

Yesterday late afternoon I managed to quick visit to the Royal Watercolour Society in Malta exhibition at Bankside. Knowing I would be away on this business trip, and that the exhibition ends on the 14th, I dashed over at the end of the day and got the last half an hour of their opening time. I was particularly interested because we went on a trip to Malta shortly after I started painting and I managed exactly one painting while I was there. I gave it to my sister as a gift.

I wanted to see whether the RWS artists had captured the essence of Malta – and they certainly have. The old buses, the narrow streets down steep hills, the majestic Grand Harbour – it all came flooding back to me. We took loads of photographs while we were there, and yet, the paintings captured the feel of the place better. The painting styles in the exhibition was diverse and ranged from pages of a sketchbook, to Angus McEwan’s amazingly detailed paintings and Dennis Roxby Bott‘s extraordinary paintings of Valetta at night.

On the subject of mobile paintings, Galleries HQ is an iPad app that allows users to pinpoint artists on a map and see a selection of  up to 10 of their works. My profile page went up today. Now I need to upload more paintings.  I’ve loaded the app onto my iPad and will be using it to check out artists in the area when I travel around the country. It’s worth a look.

Galleries HQ: Vandy Massey profile
Galleries HQ Vandy Massey work


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6 thoughts on “Painting in interesting places

  1. Malta is fabulous. Like you I wasn’t painting at the time. Gosh your style has changed. It’s good to look back at old work and reflect sometimes. Thanks for the Galleries HQ link. Looks interesting. Enjoy your trip!!!

  2. I’m glad you found some time to visit the exhibition on the work trip, Vandy. Your words paint as beautiful a picture of your memories as do the paintings.

  3. Good link for the Ipad Vandy, will check it out.. I don’t have one but hubby does, will have to nab it to stick the app on!!

  4. I follow your art with interest whenever I can. I think your sunflowers one of the best pieces you have done.

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