Funky Fish (Day 11 of 30)

Funky Fish (watercolour 6 x 4 inch)
Funky Fish (watercolour 6 x 4 inch)

So there’s another great connected world story about this painting.  My friend Karin Panaino Petersen (in South Africa) tagged me in a comment on a photo on Facebook. Her comment said: ” Would make such a nice painting. Vandy Massey?” The photo was taken by her friend Jacques (In the USA).

When I looked at the photo I thought: “Great suggestion.” (Karin has a good eye). And chose that as my subject for the evening’s painting. (This being Day 11 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days).

A couple of hours later I posted this in a comment to Karin: “It was fun Do you know the photographer/Fisherman? I’d love to use this painting on RWB but need to ask permission”

Then Karin posted the photo on Jacques page. In less than a day Jacques and I were Facebook friends and he was asking if he could buy the painting.

It went up on Running With Brushes , he bought it, and he is now the happy owner of Funky Fishes (the photo and the painting) and as soon as it’s mounted it will be in the mail and on it’s way to North Carolina.

I really, really love living in a connected world. 🙂

(And thank you Karin Panaino Petersen for making it all happen).




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  1. The whole process gave me huge pleasure – in ‘South African’ I can only say that you were a real ‘bok vir sport’ by taking up the challenge. And I love the result.

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