Fuchsia watercolour sketch

A quick fuchsia watercolour sketch felt like a satisfying outcome of this evening’s studio time.

The past month has been a combination of intense, structured painting time – some in watercolour and some in oils, and no painting time at all as I travel and work away from the studio. Today, in a brief spell at home, I had a chance to spend a precious bit of time in the studio. As I walked through the garden, just coming into it’s best month for blossoms, I noticed the fuchsia’s starting to bud.

Fuchsia watercolour sketch
Fuchsia Sketch

I was reminded of a series of flower photos taken by Marc, which focussed on some gloriously fat blousy blooms. These may need to be captured in a fully worked fuchsia watercolour one of these days. But in the meantime, this fuchsia watercolour sketch is sufficient.

About the Fuchsia Watercolour

The petals of this particular flower are dense and tightly packed, like the underskirts of a sumptuously outfitted society lady dressed up for the ball. These flowers have a lovely old- fashioned feminine feel. They seem to dance and flirt as their petals open up.

Using HP paper enabled me to capture the delicate melding of colours, in the layers of petals. This was a quick, 20 minute work, not looking for perfection in any way. I like the sense of movement in this. The lost and found edges, and the sense of there being so many petals, the flower is ready to burst into a purple and pink floral explosion.

Right now, I have a half-completed oil painting on my easel and an Open Studio weekend fast approaching.  There are three weeks to go before I have visitors coming to see my watercolours. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to a wonderful weekend with the fabulous Olivia Quintin and Alain Fortier.  I sense a productive period of art work coming up.


9 thoughts on “Fuchsia watercolour sketch

  1. Vandy – wonderful rendition of those lovely flowers. Mine is really starting to bloom well – may have to go out and try capturing one of those blossoms too. Have a beautiful visit with your art friends.

  2. It’s good to do these quick sketches to help one loosen up and you certainly achieved a nice loose watercolor.

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